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Opportunities to Serve on Skid Row

If you're interested in serving and making a positive impact on Skid Row in Los Angeles, there are several opportunities to get involved and contribute to the community. Here are some avenues for volunteering and serving on Skid Row:

1. Local Homeless Shelters and Service Organizations:

- Reach out to local homeless shelters and service organizations operating on Skid Row, such as, the Union Rescue Mission, Los Angeles Mission, Midnight Mission, or The Salvation Army. These organizations often rely on volunteers to assist with meal preparation, serving meals, organizing donations, and providing various support services.

2. Food Banks and Pantries:

- Volunteer at food banks and pantries that distribute food to individuals and families experiencing food insecurity. The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and local community food pantries often need assistance in sorting and packing food donations or distributing meals.

3. Health Clinics and Mobile Health Units:

- Some healthcare organizations operate clinics or mobile health units that provide medical services and support to Skid Row residents. Volunteer opportunities may include assisting with patient intake, administrative tasks, or providing support during medical outreach events.

4. Outreach and Engagement Programs:

- Join outreach teams or programs that aim to connect with individuals experiencing homelessness on Skid Row. These initiatives often involve distributing essential supplies, engaging in conversations, and offering information about available resources and support services.

- Volunteer with My Friend’s House Foundation “We Feed The Hungry”

Every Wednesday, Start time: 11:45am; End time: 2:30pm

540 S San Pedro St. Los Angeles, CA, 90013




*Hygiene/Toiletries and other basic living essentials

*Encouragement, hope, and compassion

5. Educational and Mentoring Programs:

- Consider volunteering with organizations that offer educational and mentoring programs for children, youth, or adults on Skid Row, such as School on Wheels. These programs may focus on tutoring, job training, life skills development, or other forms of educational support.

6. Art and Cultural Initiatives:

- Skid Row has a vibrant arts and cultural scene, and you can contribute by getting involved with organizations or projects that promote artistic expression, storytelling, or community engagement. This could involve volunteering at art galleries, theaters, or community events that showcase the talents and experiences of Skid Row residents.

7. Advocacy and Support Organizations:

- Support advocacy groups and organizations working on policy issues related to homelessness and poverty. These organizations may offer volunteer opportunities for activities such as raising awareness, advocating for better policies, or providing administrative support.

When considering volunteering on Skid Row, it's essential to research and connect with reputable organizations, understanding their mission and the impact they make. Contacting the organizations directly or visiting their websites can provide information about volunteer opportunities, application processes, and any requirements or training needed.

Remember to approach volunteering with compassion, respect, and a willingness to listen and learn from the experiences of Skid Row residents.

How You Can Help: ❖ Become a volunteer ❖ Share your profession to help educate and build others

❖ Monetary donations of any amount ❖ In-Kind Donation of Products

Learn More About Us:

Twitter & Instagram: @WeFeedTheHungry Facebook: My Friends House LA Contact Us: 1244 E. 7th Street

Los Angeles, CA 90021 (213) 537-0105

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