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"Another Look" Room Makeover

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

We are so excited about the launch of My Friends House LA's, ANOTHER LOOK room maker program for those in need!! Once a quarter, we, along with our interior design partners, Lotus Designs, accept nominations from volunteers, community advocates and friends of people they feel would be blessed or encouraged by having a room re-done.

If you believe someone you know may be blessed or encouraged by a room make-over, please email or drop off a nomination letter! ALSO, remember we accept monetary donations, store gift cards, furniture, artwork, electronics, appliances, household décor and goods to help support the program.

**Here is a note from our FIRST RECIPIENT of the ANOTHER LOOK room make-over.

Stay tuned as we post the before and after pictures!

MFHF 1st Another Look Room Makeover Recipient
Ms. Loriel

"A Journey of Growth and Discovery...

Hello everyone, today was not an ordinary day. Since I have been on the path of discovery and Cancer Recovery - there has been much to learn. You find out that you are stronger and braver than you think you are.

A group of angels here on Earth have been working very hard to provide life support and Emotional Support. To improve my mental health and well - being a group of interior Design Experts offered the gift of a home make-over.

The change of color and space will help to improve my mood - lift my spirit and go a long way toward improving overall health. Often, when facing very difficult and traumatic situations - we sometimes feel very alone and like no one cares.

The simplest things take on new meaning (like throw pillows and a blanket on a clean carpet). You discover that so many things that were once so important to you - no longer are. Life becomes the new priority (not merely living but the appreciation of life itself. When you are offered a gift, no matter how small, cherish it. Know that though it may not always be said or openly shown - someone does care.

I am looking forward to the color and joy that the team of experts and consultants from “My Friends House Foundation” will bring into my life. They have been there supporting me through the most trying time of my life. They showed me why I should care - why I should fight even harder for my life. They told me not to give up.

The angels in both realms are why I am still fighting and so looking forward to the day I do not have to. When someone is kind - look favorably upon it for kindness is the rarest gift of all. I didn’t understand or appreciate it when I was younger as you grow older and hopefully wiser - you begin to clearly see the errors of your youth and approaching elder years.

Not everyone gets a second or third chance at life. Be kind, be caring, be helpful - one day it will be your turn to be supportive of those who will need you in many ways. Always work toward improvement. No matter how many attempts it takes to get it right. Count your blessings and hold each one dear. Live your best life. Above all know that you are good enough. Most of all - always remember to say Thank You."

~ Loriel Dawn Castillo - 2019

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